Tuesday, May 20, 2008

History of Bikini & Bikini Variants

Bikini is two piece clothing which is used to cover two separate parts of women body. The upper part is used to cover the breasts and the other part is the groin. Bikinis are often worn in swimming and in hot weather.

In early 1400 BC first two piece garments was worn by athletic women. The first designer bikinis was designed in 1946 in Paris by French engineer Louis Reard and Fashion Designer Jacques for fashion show which was held at Piscine Molitor. Heim and Reard first used the Term bikini for a bathing suit. Heim a French man designed first small bikini (bathing suit) called by Atome. He advertised this small bikini using skywriting plane. Then after three weeks a mechanical engineer, Reard, designed another bikinis and advertise it using another skywriting plane by name “Bikini – Smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world.”

Bikinis were banned in Catholic countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy. Decency leagues pressured Hollywood to keep bikinis from being featured in Hollywood Movies. In 1951 bikini was banned from Miss World contest as it seen as an unfair advantage for the model and also subsequent protests with a number of countries threatening to withdraw.

Following are the variants of bikinis

String Bikinis – String bikinis were named from its characteristics of design. String bikinis made up of two triangular shaped are connected at the groin and thin string used to connecting the two parts. String bikini tops are also attached with string.


Monokini swimwear was inspired from the design of bikini. Monokini is equivalent to lower half of a bikini that would attach all the way at your shoulders. Monokini was not very successful because of its design, monokini covers shoulders with two small straps and cut off a bit below the breasts leaving them bare.


Microkini is a type of bikini which is designed extremely skimpy and to cover minimum part of body. This microkini is available for both men and women. Microkini generally has narrow strips of material that used to cover only genitalia.


Tankini is two piece bathing suit that combine tank top and bikini bottom. The design of tankini covers the top part of women body and covers up the navel. Tankini is excellent options for women who are looking for stylish two piece designer swimwear. The tankini is two piece swimsuit that looks sexy and very flattering.

Sling Bikini

Sling bikini is a one piece, two pieces or swimsuit that covers little or even less as a bikini. The sling bikini also known as suspender bikini, suspender thong, slingshot bikini or slingshot. When view from the side it looks open, the straps are extend to cover the breast and upto the shoulders. Sling bikinis are also designed for men and build same as for women with extra room in the groin.

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